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      [Fiction Membership] Explore Other Worlds

      This membership relates directly to my written work, most of which can be read for free here.

      You like my written work and you want to support it. You're amazing! Not only does a lot of this go towards my mental and physical health, after a certain point I'll be able to put money towards things like audio books!

      Or, maybe you just want the saucy stuff, which is also a-okay in my, ahem, books. Here's where you can unlock access to that!

      Tier Rewards:

      Tier 0: 📕 Spacesuit 📕 ($1/month):

      No rewards.

      You wanna help out but you don't want to spend too much (or you just don't want rewards). Here you can drop a dollar on my keyboard each month, and I will appreciate it every time.

      This exists solely for people who don't want rewards or just want to offer a buck here and there to say thanks for what they're already reading.

      Tier 1: 📘 A Quick Trip Around the System 📘 ($3/month):

      • A shiny Discord role to present your tier to the world. 
      • Access to PDFs of NC-17 ficlets and such (What's in there?) [I only want one thing!] 

      Tier 2: 📙 Explosions in the Sky 📙 ($5/month):

      • A shinier Discord role to present your tier to the world.
      • All prior tier rewards.
      • Access to downloads of all currently available paid eBooks published under the name Jessica Nelson Hardy. 

      Tier 3: 📗 Beyond Hope 📗 ($10/month):

      • An extra shiny Discord role to present your tier to the world.
      • All prior tier rewards.
      • Discount codes/free copies of paperbacks as they become available.
      • Assorted free/discounted physical goods relating to written works. This is a mixed bag, so be aware!


      [Fiction Membership] Explore Other Worlds

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